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The Full Stack Developer Program is a full-time (6-month) course, starting September 2018, with a focus on developing the technical skills needed to become a Full Stack Developer, in addition to helping learners to adopt a growth mindset to future-proof themselves in an ever-changing digital economy.

Led by on-site team leads, learners will engage with project-based experiences delivered both online and in the classroom. Participants will learn to state and analyze complex problems, uncover assumptions, collaborate with peers and distinguish between what is known and unknown to drive effective systems development.

We collaborate with industry leaders like Benevity, ATB Financial, Telus and Clio to ensure learners are acquiring in-demand transferable skills, while also building their resume and expanding their network. With the help of a dedicated coach, we work with learners to build a customized plan for their skills.



Learn to think like a developer, not just code.


In-demand development languages (ie. front end, back end, database) are taught through the lens of real-world projects. With work-readiness as a focus, EvolveU provides learners with engaging, project-based online and in-classroom learning experiences that blend both technical and non-technical skill development.

Technical Skills

  • Development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Android 
  • Best practices in Responsive Design, DevOps, Automated Testing, Database Architecture, Agile, IoT, Privacy, human interfaces, digital marketing
  • How to use tools like BaseCamp, Trello, GitHub and Heroku
  • Understanding of emerging technology like AI/Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain
  • Lean startup principles and how to use them across any function

Non-Technical Skills

  • A growth mindset that allows you to be agile and adaptable

  • Art of socratic questioning and critical thinking techniques to help you problem set and solving strategies

  • Value of workplace culture and how it works

  • Lean startup principles and how to use them across any function


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Larry Shumlich is the Team Lead (Instructor) for the EvovleU Full Stack Developer program. 

During his career, Larry has been a Developer, Project Manager, Consultant and Leader. He has worked for WestJet, TransCanada, CP Rail to name a few across multiple domains and has a proven track record of delivering results, and building high performance teams.  

Larry is passionate about learning, and "keeping current by getting his hands dirty” in an ever changing technology landscape. With a positive attitude, and people focused outlook, Larry brings a lot of energy and passion to helping and mentoring others.

Larry is a proud father of four grown kids and a loving husband who loves to spend his summers floating in the clouds in his hang-glider. He is always looking forward to any of life’s adventures and challenges.



EvolveU offers robust career services, including: 

  • Transition coaching
  • Work-Ready prep
  • Employer Networking  and Hiring opportunities

Our hiring partners include:




*Short listed applicants will be asked to complete a competency and aptitude assessment prior to the start of interviews. 



Full Tuition Fee: $10,000

Deposit: $1,000  (due upon receiving offer in August 2018)
Remaining Deposit: $9,000  (due September 2018)

Successful applicants will be invited to an exclusive Employer Speed Networking Event in July 2018 where they will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders (and the chance to have your program paid for and get hired)! 

Employer program scholarships and post-program employment will be discussed with applicants upon acceptance to Cohort 1.

Two community partnership scholarships will be offered by Rainforest AB and Chic Geek. Stay tuned for details. 

*Additional financial aid opportunities to be discussed with applicants during the interview process so don't let finances be the reasons for not applying.

Early applicants will be given preference - get your application soon! 



Click here to read frequently asked questions about the FSD program.



Cohort II applications will open in January 2019