Learn to be a developer, not just code.



Our Approach

Our programs are designed to build competencies employers need for a technology enabled future. We achieve this through immersive, discovery-driven, and experiential learning in an environment that is active, challenging, and supportive.


Full Stack Developer Program

This is a 6-month, full-time face-to-face program in Calgary. In this course, you will learn to code and learn to program. The material blends technology, people, and process skills into one fully integrated experience. You will learn coding languages and frameworks such as; Python, JavaScript, Flask, Bootstrap, OpenPyXL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy, and REACT.js and non-technical skills such as; critical thinking, working in teams, design thinking, and workplace readiness. The classroom is designed to simulate a agile working environment, and includes daily stand-ups, weekly sprints, and weekly retrospectives.

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Building a tech enabled workforce is a collective endeavour. Discover how to hire, mentor, or tutor one of our learners today.


"By engaging software companies like Clio to help shape their programming and focus on their students' ability to live a learning mindset, EvolveU will set developers up not just with the skills they need to succeed, but the ability to adapt to the ever-changing tech environment."

Tys von Gaza
(Director of Development, Clio)


"We see the need to continuously advance the skills of our team members as technology changes and business evolves.  Programs like EvolveU are most needed in Calgary, and Alberta as a whole, in order to increase the pool of talent needed for the new digital economy."

Rogelio Ferreira
(Technology Strategy & Innovation Manager, TELUS).