Single or multi-day sessions.



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This one day session will cover blockchain foundations and why this technology is transforming banking, supply chain, fine art and even our food. You will learn the business of blockchain, the technology, and its potential impact to our economy.

What is cryptocurrency? How will the internet be transformed? How will we be buying and selling in the future? What is industrial blockchain and what are its potential impacts to your industry or profession? This intro course is for non-technical professionals looking to understand these impacts and upgrade their current skills. You will learn and analyze real-life applications in oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, banking and retail.

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Work Life Redesign

March 2, 2018
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Nucleus Calgary
100 6th Ave SW
Tickets: $150

Are you seeking work that is aligned with who you are, but not quite sure how to move towards it?

Maybe you followed the advice of go to school, get good grades and get a “good” job, but still you find that you aren’t very fulfilled in your work. Or maybe you have had a good career but have been recently been laid off and find that there are fewer and fewer options in your field as a result of a shifting economy and employment landscape.

You know you have valuable skills to share and you are actively looking for meaningful ways to contribute, but maybe you feel a bit lost and unsure what to do next. Calgary is changing, industries are shifting and job opportunities are changing. There are a number of new and exciting opportunities emerging in the City, but how do you make sure you are ready for them and can effectively communicate how your unique skills can be of value?

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Getting to Customer #1

Coming Soon

In this one-day session hosted by 321 Sales Academy, you’ll learn some basics of selling to help you land your first customer.

We’ll cover topics including: 

  • Why stage matters (aka why are sales in early stage companies SO different?)
  • Sales fails - common mistakes entrepreneurs make
  • What is sales vs. marketing vs. business development - and which do I need?
  • Identifying your best customer to target
  • How buyers buy
  • Different ways to sell, and which is right for me?
  • Understanding your value (aka why do your customers care?)
  • How to win at sales - lessons learned from the pro's
  • What is social selling - and do I need it?

Work and The AI Future

March 29, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Nucleus Calgary
100 6th Ave SW
Tickets: $35

You don’t need to be a computer scientist to understand the recent progress in artificial intelligence research and the opportunity it presents to change the way we do our jobs. At this workshop, meant for the common person, you will gain an understanding of the capabilities and applications for AI-powered products, so that you can have intelligent and productive discussions when collaborating with technologists. Learn how to spot an opportunity to benefit from AI in your workplace, and become an advocate for embracing (and benefitting from) the future that is sure to come.