Learner Testimonials

“From a former blue collar worker; making a transition into white collar work has been filled with many challenges. Previous experience felt like it never counted when making the transition. EvolveU has really helped to define the transferable skills from previous work experience and transform those preconceived weaknesses into unique strengths!” ~EvolveU Participant

“Thinking about thinking. Understanding confirmation bias and other high level concepts give you the ability to understand why people do things or even what people want to buy. These are all taught at EvolveU. To gain these insights otherwise, you would have to spend money on special conventions, or books, or mentors. The biggest difference, however, is the ability to discuss these high level concepts among peers and debate them. It makes for a richer experience.” ~EvolveU Participant

“Creativity is usually something not taking seriously in technology. However, combining creativity with technology is one of the most underrated ways to gain a competitive advantage. EvolveU is constantly trying to expand its students creative mind through board games, Lego learning, and group brainstorming sessions. These sessions help with the creation of wire-frames and UX/UI elements required to design attractive and usable web components.“ ~EvolveU Participant

“Behind the scenes at EvolveU the staff are always positive and uplifting. Many of us have the struggles of daily life along with the desire to succeed in the industry of technology. Reassurance from our mentors at EvolveU is very uplifting. Keeping the outlook positive in times of frustration builds the confidence of myself and fellow students. Knowing that they are constantly networking and looking out for opportunities slowly instills confidence in us that we can get those positions!” ~EvolveU Participant

“Timely jokes and energetic enthusiasm make the EvolveU learning environment a joy to experience. The instructors make me laugh at least once everyday! This program is different then most coding bootcamps where there is little to no personal contact. EvolveU also reaches out to industry leaders to give intimate talks about technology, job searching, resume building, and entrepreneurship.”  ~EvolveU Participant

“I have never experienced such a diverse range of professionals all in one place. Everyone has a different background which brings a broad range of ideas to the projects. Everyone is willing to share their insights and question our thoughts. The connections made here will be lifelong.” ~EvolveU Participant

Industry Testimonials