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Let us make your web application project a reality.

Let us make your web application project a reality.

Learning new skills is great; applying those skills is even better. The Full Stack Developer program is a competency-based program with months five and six focused on applying the knowledge and skills acquired in the program to a real-world project. That’s where you come in. If you have a web application project that you’ve been yearning to develop but, you lack the time or resources to make it a reality, our learners are keen and ready to help out.

A few things you should know about submitting a project for consideration.

  • Projects need to be completed within 2 months. This means you need to be ready to roll when we are. (Our current program will be in the projects phase in June/July 2019.)

  • Depending on scope, projects will be completed by teams of 2-10 learners. Our team will assess your project and determine the how many of our learners will be assigned to the project.

  • Effectively delivering on the project will require one or more people from your team to be available for a minimum of 4-6 hours/week to support the project team.

  • It is expected that you can provide desk space at your organization for the learners to work when they are onsite at your organization.

  • The number of projects we receive may outnumber our capacity, therefore, we may not be able to deliver on every submission. But don't worry, we have more programs scheduled and those learners will need projects too.

We give priority to organizations that;

  • are actively looking to hire or plan to hire full stack developer roles in the next year.

  • are willing provide a financial contribution to EvolveU in return for completing the project.

Note: Multiple projects may be submitted for consideration; however, a separate application form must be completed for each project.

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