Become a Promotional Partner

Join our tribe and become a promotional partner.

Join our tribe and become a promotional partner.

Our core mission is supporting people to develop the skills and competencies to future-proof themselves in an ever-changing digital economy.  Achieving this mission is not something we can, nor do we want to, do on our own. We want to partner with like-minded groups, associations, and organizations to reach more people, create more impact and get ahead of the curve. To further this mission, we are looking for allies that we can support and that can support us in return.

As a promotional partner, we will;

  • include your tech related events in our newsletter. (Distributed ~once/month)

  • retweet or share your posts and content on the following social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) that align with our core mission.

  • invite your organization to attend our release parties and other events.

As a promotional partner, in return, we expect;

  • your organization to include our events in your communications (emails, newsletters, websites etc.)

  • your organization will retweet or share posts and content we create on the following social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) that align with your target audience.

  • invite us to attend or take part in any tech related events you organize or host that are a fit with our partnership.

Spread the word!

If your organization is interested in becoming a promotional partner, please fill out the contact us form and include “Promotional Partner” in the subject line our team will be in touch within 3 business days to talk about next steps.