The High Performance Teams Behind the Innovation

Guest Post by Kim McNabbDirector, HR and Community at Arcurve Inc.

Technology is everywhere.  It doesn’t look like it did five years ago and it’s guaranteed to be different ten years from now. What is certain is how technology is woven into the businesses we operate in, the world we travel in, how we connect, how we learn and how we create and invent.  
And yet, for organizations like Arcurve, where technology is the core business, sometimes success is not about the technology at all.  It is about putting together high performance teams that solve business problems. Technology is simply the tool of implementation. 

This presents a unique opportunity for technology organizations to bring in high performance individuals.  The late Steve Jobs said it perfectly, “Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart. If you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.” 

Recruiting in the technology industry has evolved from finding individuals with specific language expertise, to finding individuals that can take the principals of software development, apply them across multiple domains and problem-sets, and do so as a high functioning, multi-disciplinary team. Today’s software professionals are put daily into situations they have not been in before; such as, applying an approach, getting up to speed on a new language and collaborating with a team.

There tends to be common traits among individuals who succeed in this new team environment. First and foremost, they are intrinsically motivated to solve problems. They see technology as a means to an end, and they understand the end is the ultimate goal, not the technology. What drives them is seeing something they have helped create make things work a little (or a whole lot!) better.

They find the new team setting exciting and challenging, an opportunity to leverage the skills and knowledge of others to create a solution that is better than anything they could have come up with on their own.  

Ultimately, technology workers have entered a field that will require an ability to be a lifelong learner.  The confidence to trust in your own abilities allows individuals to walk in, assess a situation, come up with a plan and apply what they know. They may need to learn a new programming language along the way, or dive into a segment of full stack work they haven’t spent much time on; but, this thrills instead of terrifies them.

The overriding qualifications in these individuals are the innate ability to listen to others and approach the work as a unit. Bringing your tech experience to the table requires taking a step back and listening to the issues as a group before proceeding. It calls for collaboration with your team members, who will bring their own unique set of skills to the table. It is through this teamwork that optimal solutions are created.  

At Arcurve, we are looking for resilient, adaptable people.  Flexible people that fundamentally understand technology, have the ability to learn languages and are highly motivated to solve business problems. We are excited to partner with EvolveU on their Full Stack Developer Program – with design principles and core values are focused on producing such individuals. 
These days, innovation and evolution is everywhere, where are you?

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